Wooden Fences

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These styles of wooden fencing are not limited to these examples. We build where and how you would like your fence. If you can dream it, we can build it. 

Wooden Rail Style

Wooden fences are, as we like to put it, classic. Whether full privacy, semi-private, or custom built for your needs and wants, this style of fence is very sturdy and lasts for years to come. Looking great with any type of landscape, stained or not stained, wooden fences give you that classic look everybody loves.

At All For You Fencing, the quality construction and material choices help to ensure that your fence will last for years to come. When you contact us, you can trust that we will not only provide the best value for your money, but that we will go the extra mile to ensure that you have a positive experience.

Arched Style
Dog Ear Style
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Scalloped Style
Shadow Box Style
wooden fence page 6.jpg
Board on Board Style
wooden fence page 7.jpg
Wooden Capped Style
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wooden fence page 9.jpg
Copper Capped 6x6 Style
wooden fence page 8.jpg
4 Foot Semi-Private Style
wooden fence page 5.jpg
French Gothic Style
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4 Foot Semi-Private Capped Style
Horizontal Style