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Hello, my name is Jonathan and I started All For You Fencing to fulfill my passion of owning my own business. After working for a fencing company for two years prior, I started my own fencing business centered on the best possible customer service. I know and understand customer service very well from being a firefighter where I am honored to have the opportunity to serve and help others. I have transferred this same service to how I treat our customers that we get the opportunity to work for. My crews also share this same goal through how they treat our customers, their quality of work, and their integrity.  We look forward to the opportunity to work for you. 

Jonathan Fisher

Meet Jonathan, Owner of All for You Fencing!

“I started All for You Fencing in 2020 fulfilling and pursuing my passion as an entrepreneur. My favorite part of being a business owner is providing a trusted service to our customers through honesty and transparency. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve our community and advance our employees. We could not do what we do without the hard work ethic of our employees. Today, I oversee the mission and vision of All for You Fencing. I assist in logistics and operations. If you ever have questions or feedback, you can always reach me directly.”

operations manager

Meet Nathaniel, Operations Manager of All for You Fencing!


“I have been working at All for You Fencing for three years. I started with the company to work with Jonathan in growing the business. I enjoy working with people I’ve known for years on the crews and jobs. I serve as the Operations Manager. I am likely the first person you will meet at your estimate. I am primarily responsible for estimates, final reviews, and purchasing. I also work with the crews, manage materials, and keep up with repairs and maintenance on tools. I look forward to meeting and working with all of our new and existing customers.”

Jonathan Fisher, Owner

Nathaniel Williams,

Operations Manager

project manager

Meet Tyler Denton, Project Manager of All for You Fencing!


“I have worked at All for You Fencing for about a year. My daily responsibilities include keeping track of my employees, making sure tools and equipment are serviceable and ready for the day, and managing fence production and job completion. My favorite jobs are vinyl, aluminum, and chain link style fences. I started working at All for You Fencing because I enjoy physical labor and working with my hands. I feel a sense of accomplishment looking back at the progress and completion of a project. I wanted to work with others to accomplish a common goal."

Tyler Denton, Project Manager

project manager

Meet Angel Zeni, Project Manager of All for You Fencing!


"I am thankful to have the opportunity to serve as a Project Manager at All for You Fencing. I started working with All for You Fencing because I saw this as a way to start in my career, not only as a source of income. Even before starting this job, I always wanted to be a fence builder. My favorite type of fence to build is a 6 foot Wooden Dog Ear Fence. These are one of the easiest and fastest projects to install. My favorite part about working for All for You Fencing are the people I work with. The crew members are like family. My day to day responsibilities include coordinating the work on site to ensure the fence is built, crew members are safe, and the job is completed in a timely manner."

Angel Zeni, Project Manager

project manager

Meet Angel Nunez, Project Manager of All for You Fencing!


"I moved to North Carolina from Colorado, and the company welcomed me instantly. I love the cooperation, communication, teamwork and friendly work environment at All for You Fencing. All for You Fencing is a diverse company, and management is always available to assist and support us in what we do. My responsibilities include developing a project plan for each fence job, scheduling, studying plot maps, and keeping the crew content and safe. I always strive for customer satisfaction by ensuring the project is efficiently and correctly completed. My favorite type of fence to work with is chain link."

Angel Nunez, Project Manager

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