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Custom Fencing for Your Dog or Pet

Our pets are like family. Protect them with a secure fence in your backyard or home.

Do you have a dog, pet, or even backyard chickens? A secure fence is critical to a happy and active life for your pet- and for your peace of mind!

A backyard fence is a great place to release your dog to enjoy a game of fetch or free play. A dog fence can keep your pet safely away from hazards like roads and moving cars. Additionally, you can have the peace of mind your dog will not upset neighbors, other animals, or property. High energy dogs need several minutes, and up to hours, of exercise a day. A safe backyard allows you the room for your dog to run, train, or practice.

underground dog fence

If you're concerned about curb appeal, underground dog fences can be installed by running a cable a few inches underground. Flags are placed around the invisible fence border. Next, you will train your dog to follow the flags. Using a corresponding collar, once the fence is turned on, the underground dog fence delivers a small shock to your pet to alert them they are on the border of the dog fence. You do not have to sacrifice view or curb appeal for your custom dog fence.

If you are ready to build a fence for your beloved dog or pet, consider the size of your pet and the size of the dog fence. How big does your dog fence need to be to accommodate your pet's energy? Does your pet require a fence with minimal to no spacing or slats? We offer a wide variety of fencing options to accommodate any dog, pet, or even farm animal. If you are a dog boarding facility, veterinarian, or other pet or dog-based business, visit our commercial fencing page to learn more about large fence projects.

Our pets are like family. Allow your pet to roam, play, and explore with a secure dog fence while preserving your peace of mind. Get a free quote today for your custom dog fence.

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